Word Search List and Query Help 0.75



Alfwords comes with two built-in lists: Wiktionary and Wikipedia. Users with Premium or Professional accounts can also create their own lists, either by saving query results or uploading text files. Once created, these lists will appear on the query page and can be used or excluded from subsequent searches.

Save Results as List

To save the results of a query as a list, press the Save Results link under the displayed list of words. You will be prompted for the list name and given the choice to
  • Create a new list
  • Overwrite an existing list
  • Add the words to an existing list.

    Upload file

    You can upload a .txt file with one entry (a word or phrase) per line. As with saving results, you will be prompted for the list name and can create, overwrite, or add.


    You can share your lists with other users, including users with free accounts. You can select any of your lists and a recipient, who will get an e-mail notifying them. They will need to activate the list (described below) before using it. You can also unshare a list which was previously shared.


    This option allows you to delete any of your lists, including all of its properties and shares. By contrast, if you use the Save Results or Upload features to overwrite a list, only the words will be replacecd, but everything else will remain. You will be asked to confirm before the deletion takes place.


    This changes the name of a list without affecting anything else. If you have a query up on a different tab, it will continue to show the old name until the tab is refreshed.

    Delete word

    This allows you to delete a single word from a list. There is currently no capability to easily remove multiple words from a list.


    This provides access to two special list properties. One is the URL. If the URL is filled in, then results which come from this list will have links to a page on the specified web site. Use an at sign (@) to show where the result name would go in the URL. For example, if you have a list of movies or actors, https://www.imdb.com/find?ref_=nv_sr_fn&q=@&s=all would provide a link to IMDB for each result.

    You can also indicate that your list is based on Wiktionary or Wikipedia. This would make the special features of the standard list (such as category searches) available for your list.

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